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Adrian has over 35 years' experience in industry. For 8 years he worked as a consultant providing advice and guidance on a wide range of technical projects. For the last 7 years Adrian has run A-Squared Engineering Services. Adrian is a member of the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Adrian started his working life as an appentice working for Post Office Telecommunications, which later became BT. Working for BT offered a virtually unparalleled oportunity to learn technical skils and drive personal development.

Adrian has worked with the BBC at many outside broadcasts, on one occasion looking after the audio transmission for Songs of Praise from Bakewell Church. Adrian has installed special monitoring circuits at mines for British Coal, and has even worked on fluid level sensors at a sewage works! One, more unusual job, was to set up a forty mile long test lead to measure the difference in earth potential between power stations.
Adrian has also worked as a lecturer at Castle College in Nottingham, teaching computer programming to HNC level.
As a consultant, Adrian lead a number of IT projects, both in the UK and abroad. This work included capturing and documenting business problems, analysing problems and identifying root causes, translating findings into requirements, assessing prioritisation and gaining budget to deliver the programmes. It also meant liaising with suppliers and consultants, validating design proposals, overseeing testing and business deployment to ensure system designs align with business objectives and that problems were correctly resolved.

Alison started her career as an archaeologist, but after getting married to Adrian in 1989 went to work for a law firm in Nottingham. Alison is now involved in the running of A2 Engineering Services and also finds time for many types of craft work, when she is not helping Adrian out on site!

Alison and Adrian also have a smallholding at Sibthorpe and keep sheep, chickens, geese and emus. They produce a small number of free range hen and emu eggs for which there is often a waiting list!

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